Sunday, 23 October 2011

Here goes nothing...

I'm 16.
I'm at school.
I'm stressed.

I know, these things are normal. But I need to find some way to not be stressed. If I'm stressed I can't be me, whoever 'me' is. That is why I've started this blog. I have no idea what direction my life is heading in and that scares me a little. If don't find some sense of direction pretty soon I know the only way my life will be going is downhill: I have my GCSE mocks after Christmas, then my GCSE's and then at the same time I'm expected to start 'thinking about' i.e. choosing pretty much for definite what my A-level choices are going to be.
So, if you'll excuse my ramblings, this is my way of getting to know myself, inspired by the blog posts of the amazing Miss Julia Marie Albain, although I'm pretty darn sure that I can't write anyway near as well as she does, and I doubt I'll end up inspiring anyone but myself.
Hannah x

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